Yingke Law Firm’s First English Speech Contest Final Held Successfully

December 13, 2021

The final of Yingke Law Firm’s first English speech contest was successfully held in the morning of December 11, 2021, and the English speech contest was broadcast live via online format. The final was addressed by Mei Xiangrong, founding partner and director of Yingke Law Firm and director of the Yingke Global Board of Directors, summarized by Yang Lin, founding partner and global partner of Yingke International and executive director of the Yingke Global Board of Directors, moderated by Gao Pinjia, an attorney at Yingke International’s management headquarters, and judged by many international partners.

Director Mei Xiangrong mentioned in his speech that the  year 2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and China will build a higher level and open economic system. Along with the high-quality development of “One Belt, One Road”, the foreign-related legal service industry is facing unprecedented opportunities. This English speech contest provides a platform for Yingke lawyers to showcase their foreign-related legal service capabilities, and encourages our lawyers to better serve Chinese companies going abroad and help the “One Belt, One Road” construction. Yingke will take this opportunity to build up a talent pool of foreign-related legal services and enhance the foreign-related legal service capability of Yingke lawyers, so as to provide professional and efficient legal services across languages, cultures and jurisdictions for our clients.

In her concluding remarks, Director Yang Lin firstly praised the solid English skills and professional legal knowledge demonstrated by the participants in the competition. She pointed out that excellent English is one of the necessary abilities for lawyers to provide foreign-related legal services, and that smooth and effective communication and accurate and professional expression are not only crucial for legal services, but also for lawyers to win the favor of clients. In order to implement our internationalization strategy, Yingke will establish close partnerships with more outstanding law firms around the world and set up branches in more countries. All of these provide a very broad platform for our colleagues to provide better foreign-related legal services. Yingke encouraged more colleagues who are interested in foreign-related legal services to improve their language skills and make full use of the international platform of Yingke to provide legal support for the construction of “One Belt, One Road”. And she thanked everyone for their attention to the English speech contest at the same time.

The competition was hosted by Mr. Gao Pinjia from Yingke International Management Headquarters, and a number of domestic foreign lawyers and international lawyers served as judges of the competition.

After the judges’ evaluation, the final list of winners is as follows.

First prize: 

Ji Jiawen of Yingke Nantong.

Second Prize: 

Cai Wenting of Yingke Nantong and Liu Xuanyu of Yingke Guangzhou.

The third prize:

Xue Ruobing of Yingke Nanjing, Yang Jingping of Yingke Dalian, Zhu Lingfeng of Yingke Yiwu and Sui Haonan of Yingke Hangzhou.

Outstanding Style Award:

Huang Huiming of Yingke Quanzhou

Excellent Temperament Award:

Li Jia Yi of Yingke Nanjing

Outstanding creativity award:

Wang Xin Xin of Yingke Changchun

Outstanding Theme Award:

Guo Bochuan of Yingke Shanghai

Congratulations to all the participants for their excellent results. Yingke international will also strive to implement Director Yang Lin’s message to fully realize the interconnection between China and the world, continue to organize various activities, select outstanding talents, build and expand the foreign-related legal service talent pool, train more high-quality foreign-related legal service talents who are familiar with international rules and have international vision, provide professional and efficient legal services to clients, and contribute to the construction of foreign-related rule of law.

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