YK LAW LLP holds the Law and Enterprise Forum

October 23, 2021

On the afternoon of October 15, 2021, the New York office of YK LAW LLP successfully held its first sharing session on the theme of “Law and Enterprise” at Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

This forum on “Law and Enterprise” was organized by the U.S.-China Student Association, the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and the U.S.-China Institute of International Business, and hosted by the New York office of YK Law. Jesse Weiner, Managing Partner of New York office of YK Law, gave a welcome speech at this session, and Professor Shanchen Xia, President of USCSA, served as moderator.

Jesse Weiner, Managing Partner and Director of Media and Entertainment Practice of YK LAW LLP, introduced that YK Law Firm is a prestigious global law firm headquartered in Beijing, China, with more than 200 offices and partnerships worldwide and over 10,000 talented attorneys working on cross-border and multilingual transactions. With their diverse backgrounds and experience, they are committed to not only providing the highest quality legal services , but consistently meeting and even exceeding client expectations.

Jesse Weiner shared his extensive experience and business resources in the U.S.-China film and entertainment industry. Mr. Jesse Weiner has lived and worked in China for nearly ten years, and he has been matching the development of the film, television and entertainment industry between China and the United States, working with clients such as Hunan TV and director Zhang Yimou, and has made great contributions to the development of film, television and cultural entertainment between China and the United States. During the event, he also had a duel with Chinese chess masters to promote cultural exchange between China and the United States.

Afterwards, Wang Jin, former Vice President of Baidu Group, former Senior Vice President of American Express, and current Chairman and CEO of FinTell, shared his experience of starting his own business after leaving Baidu. Mr. Wang Jin emphasized that entrepreneurship requires the study of trends, and that startups can make great achievements if they can deeply plow into the fields with future development prospects.

Mr. Liu Ziyang, Executive Vice President of the US-China Institute for Advanced Studies in International Business and Director of the US-China Intellectual Property Protection Center, introduced the business of the Institute and the Copyright Protection Center and the prospects for future cooperation.

Ms. Qi Men, who works in the New York office of YK LAW LLP, was a former teacher at New Oriental. Now she provides plenty of services for many Chinese companies in the education industry, such as business litigation, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and IPO listing. She told her story of litigation and rights defense for Chinese startups.

In the process, she expressed her confidence in the U.S. judicial system and her expectation to do what her law firm and herself can do to avoid risks and clear the minefield for more entrepreneurs and companies.

Fresh attorney Weiyu Li discussed bankruptcy law, real estate law and immigration law, and shared the inseparable relationship between new immigrant life and the law.

On behalf of the organizers, Professor Xia Shanchen presented a commemorative banner to the New York office of YK LAW LLP through Jesse. Professor Xia started his career in business in his early years, then in politics, and then turned to law, business education and academic research, devoting himself to international business law in China and the United States. During the forum, Professor Xia commented and summarized each person’s speech, and prompted attendees to deepen the market of U.S.-China cooperation in the field of service trade from their respective professions and industries.

In addition, Mr. Lin Jiazhou, President of the American Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in this forum as a special guest of Professor Xia Shanchen. President Lin has been in the U.S. for 38 years operating international trade. He is also a veteran entrepreneur who has committed to building a platform for cooperation between the U.S. and Chinese governments and enterprises. He recalled the changes in international trade as well as the business environment that he has personally experienced over the years, and hoped that entrepreneurs could organize themselves to deal with the risks brought by the rapidly changing US-China relations and political and economic policies.

Through the exchange and sharing at the Law and Enterprise Forum, we plan to build a forward-looking and executing service platform as soon as possible, and work together to make New York YK Law a strong backing for the cooperation of Chinese and American entrepreneurs and companies.

As one of the organizers, the President of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Che Qiding, congratulated the success of the forum, which was also co-sponsored by invited guests by the U.S.-China Youth Education Development Foundation and the New York Longfeng Cultural Foundation, the President of the U.S. Shanghai Friendship Association, Ying Xiafen, and Senior Advisor Chen Zhifei. Media support was provided by China Business News. The participating guests fully affirmed the importance of the content shared by all and were looking forward to the future activities of YK LAW LLP and the future development of the firm.

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