Yingke Lawyers Were Invited to Become the International Legal Consultant of France Chaozhou Assembly Hall

October 6, 2021

On October 17, French local time, the inauguration ceremony of the 18th Board of Directors and Supervisors of French Chaozhou Assembly Hall was held in Paris. Invited by Mr. Ruichao Wen, the new Chairman, Ms. Lin Yang, Founding Partner and Executive Chairwoman of the 

Global Board of directors of Yingke, was appointed as the international legal consultant of Chaozhou Assembly Hall in France.

Founded in 1986, France Chaozhou Assembly Hall, with a history of 35 years, was headquartered in Paris, France. Its mission is to promote local friendship, promote culture, serve overseas Chinese communities, and safeguard the dignity of Chinese people. In his inaugural speech, Mr. Ruichao Wen, the new Chairman of The French Chaozhou Assembly Hall, expressed the hope that the new team would work together to carry forward the culture and wisdom of Chaozhou, face various challenges hand in hand, be more tolerant and understanding, follow the right path and assume social responsibilities, seek new development, seize new opportunities and promote common prosperity. In particular, he expressed concern about young people living abroad. He said that in the integration and exchanges between young people living abroad and the society of the host country, we should take the right path and promote the fine culture of loving the country and the hometown, respecting the elderly and loving the young. Inheriting the fine tradition of hard work, endurance, innovation and never say die spirit, so that the Chinese national culture can make greater contributions to the world. Chairman Wen also expressed his gratitude to the participants.

Chairwoman Lin Yang attended the inauguration ceremony online and delivered a speech. In her speech, she said that she was honored to be invited by Chairman Wen to serve as the international legal adviser of France Chaozhou Assembly Hall. In the future, we will cooperate with more than 12,000 excellent lawyers of Yingke to provide professional legal services in various fields for the members of France Chaozhou Assembly Hall. Lawyer Yang Lin pointed out that China was the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth in 2020, and China ranked first in both foreign investment and overseas investment. At the same time, China has great opportunities under the new economic pattern of great cycle at home and double cycle at home and abroad. We look forward to the attention of France Chaozhou entrepreneurs to the opportunities in China.

Lin Yang is a Founding Partner of Yingke International. Member of China Working Group of Yingke International Lawyers Association (IBA), Member of Steering Committee of UN South-South Cooperation Global Think Tank, Member of Expert Pool of Chinese Council of Joint Chamber of Commerce of Central and Eastern European Countries, Member of Saudi Arabia B20 Trade and Investment Working Group 2020, Member of Italy B20 Finance and Infrastructure Working Group 2021. In 2021, she was awarded the National Outstanding Lawyer of the Ministry of Justice. Lin Yang is currently serving as a master’s tutor in Law School of Tsinghua University, Law School of China Foreign Affairs University, and International Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

Since its establishment, Yingke International Legal Service Network established by Ms. Lin Yang has not only helped solve the legal needs of the majority of domestic compatriots at home and abroad, but also actively provided legal support for Chinese people overseas. Up to now, Yingke International Legal Service Network has covered 83 countries and 145 international cities around the world. The extensive network distribution is a strong guarantee to meet the legal needs of enterprises, organizations and individuals at home and abroad. Over the years, in cross-border business, we have assisted Chinese and international customers to provide cross-language, cross-culture and cross-legal professional and efficient legal services in investment and acquisition, international engineering, intellectual property, dispute resolution and other fields.

Brief Introduction of French Chaozhou Assembly Hall:

In 1989, Chaozhou Assembly House purchased a site in the center of the Chinatown in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris, covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It has two floors, including an auditorium, a theater, a meeting room, offices and Chinese classrooms. Under the leadership of the former Chairman’s Committee and the Board of Supervisors, functional groups such as Chaozhou Opera, senior citizens, sports, culture and education, women, recreation, tourism and youth have been set up to carry out various work. In the past 20 years, the Assembly Hall has been developing steadily and has established a good image in French society, which has been valued by the French government and the opposition. The French Chaozhou Assembly Hall is committed to promoting the integration of local residents into the mainstream and safeguarding the interests and dignity of compatriots. In 2009, French Chaozhou Assembly Hall Chinese School was selected as one of the first batch of Overseas Chinese Education Model Units by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of China.

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