January 7, 2022

On Dec 21, 2021, the Anti-monopoly Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation of PRC unconditionally approved the project of setting up a joint-venture company by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., LTD., GKN Aerospace Services Co., LTD, and other operators. Yingke lawyers served for getting the approval successfully.

The legal service is completed by Yingke lawyer team of anti-monopoly led by Wang Junlin. In the process of handling the case, the lawyers in the team collected, analyzed and sorted out a large number of declaration materials,and submitted “definition of the relevant market and reasons” , “the impact of concentration on market competition”, and other extremely convincing declaration materials to the Anti-monopoly Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation of PRC. Finally, the concentration was recognized and approved by the bureau.

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., LTD.

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary and final assembly manufacturing center of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., LTD. currently engaged in the final assembly and manufacturing of China’s self-developed C919 large passenger jet and batch production of the new ARJ21 regional jet.

GKN Aerospace Services Co., LTD

GKN Aerospace Services Limited is a subsidiary of GKN Aerospace. GKN Aerospace is a premier supplier to the world aerospace industry, manufacturing structural parts and components for many aircraft and engine plants.

AVIC International Supply Chain Technology Co. LTD

AVIC SUPPLY Chain Technology Co., LTD. (AVIC SUPPLY) is a member of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, affiliated to AVIC International. AVIC SUPPLY draws lessons from international advanced supply chain integration service experience, is supported by professional core capabilities, relies on the aviation industry and uses global resources to provide customers with procurement, transportation, warehousing and distribution, subcontract production, equipment procurement, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent assembly and other supply chain integration services.

Lawyer Wang Junlin is a senior partner and deputy director of the partner management committee of Beijing Yingke Law Firm.

Lawyer Wang Junlin has long focused on litigation practice and research in competition law (anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law), intellectual property law and cross-fields, and is good at dealing with commercial dispute resolution and compliance risk control in the aforementioned legal fields. The business scope includes analysis and defense of enterprise competition, anti-monopoly civil and commercial litigation and investigation, merger and acquisition transaction and declaration of concentration of business operators, unfair competition and intellectual property rights litigation, network security and data protection, major civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, compliance management and training, etc.

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