YingKe law firm won the four award of the second “The belt and Road” excellent legal service project.

January 6, 2020

On December 22, 2019, the second “The Belt and Road” excellent legal service award ceremony and the “The Belt and Road” legal service forum held by the Legal Daily News Agency and the legal network were held in Beijing. By virtue of the precise and efficient legal service provided by “The Belt and Road”, YingKe law firm won four awards at the awards ceremony.By virtue of the precise and efficient legal service provided by “The Belt and Road”, YingKe law firm won four awards at the awards ceremony.

These four awards are:YingKe law firm won the top ten law firms award of “The Belt and compliance Road”; Mr. Lide Han, who is a lawyer of Ying Ke law firm, won the top ten lawyers’ title of “The Belt and compliance Road”; Ms.Xuelian Liu’s lawyer team of Ying Ke law firm, engaged in the construction of a foreign-related Power Grid Corp compliance system and the construction of a legal risk repository for foreign-related projects, and Jiangsu’s “Sen Mao” respondent to India’s multi-storey solid wood flooring in China, which was hosted by Mr.Nan Shen’ lawyer team of YingKe law firm, won the excellent legal service case of “one road and compliance Road”.

At the award ceremony and the “The belt and Road” legal service forum, these honored guests were invited. They are Vice president of China Law Society, Mr. Mingqi Zhang; The Head of the first International Commercial Court of the Supreme People’s court, Mr. Yongjian Zhang; Senior judge of the fourth civil division of the Supreme People’s court, Mr. Dongxu Ma;International cooperation of the Ministry of Justice

Deputy director,Ms. Xuemei Yin; President of all China Lawyers Association, Mr.Junfeng, Wang;

Director, Institute of international law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr.Jihong Mo; Director of academic exchange center of China Law Society, Mr.Baohu Yin; General Counsel of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited, Ms.Yuxiu Qin; Sasac policy and law department director of Beijing, Mr. Yi Zhang. At the same time, Ms.Lin Yang, founding partner, global partner, executive director of the global board of directors, global president of overseas center and many other lawyers of YingKe Law firm were invited to attend.

Mr. Bingfang Shao, who is the Secretary of the Party committee and President of the Legal Daily. He said that at present, China’s law firms have set up branches in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Chinese lawyers handle more than 40,000 foreign-related legal services every year, covering anti-dumping, anti subsidy investigations, foreign intellectual property disputes, overseas investment and financing and other fields.In the exchange and cooperation with international counterparts, Chinese lawyers have been growing up and playing a very important role in the international legal service market.

The President of all China Lawyers Association, Mr.Junfeng Wang claimed that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the restoration and reconstruction of the lawyer system. The number of professional lawyers in the country has exceeded 460,000, with more than 30,000 law firms, including more than 120 branch offices and branches established overseas. Along with the internationalization process and the implementation of the “The belt and Road” initiative, China’s lawyers’ foreign legal services have been broadened, providing legal services in many fields such as cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights anti-dumping, countervailing and other international trade, and played an important role. This year, there are 985 lawyers from all over the country have been selected into the list of thousands of foreign lawyers, and the number of foreign lawyers in China is growing.

Ms.Xuemei Yin, who is the deputy director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of justice, she said that the establishment of the “The Belt and Road” lawyers alliance has set up a new, larger and broader platform for international cooperation in legal services, marking the opening of a new chapter for Chinese lawyers to move towards the international arena. At the same time, they also put forward higher requirements for judges, lawyers, academics, arbitrators, and legal personnel. The Bureau of international cooperation of the Ministry of justice is willing to play an active role in providing more support and help for foreign law workers, making foreign legal services more and better participate in the competition of the international arena. In the construction of “The Belt and Road”, it will issue China’s voice, hold more voice in international legal affairs, and show the world more realistic and vivid rule of law in Chinese image.

Ms.Lin Yang, who is the executive director of YingKe international, global partners, global executive board and global president of overseas center, presented a keynote speech by Chinese lawyers to help “The Belt and Road” in this forum. She introduced from three aspects: At first, the situation of each country along the ” The Belt and Road” is different and complexity is different, which puts forward higher requirements for Chinese lawyers. The Chinese lawyers should improve their business level and they are able to provide legal services for Chinese enterprises to global market. Secondly, more and more Chinese enterprises choose to the global market. We should form teams with teams from other host countries to seize the opportunity and strengthen the communication and cooperation between Chinese lawyers and their global counterparts. Thirdly, we should deliver the Chinese voice with the objective and fair voice of lawyers on the international stage voice and mission responsibility, to provide a more solid escort for Chinese enterprises to the global market.

To compare with the last year, the coverage of this year’s selection activity is further expanded and the audience is wider, and the number of units and people participating in the evaluation has increased. The expert evaluation team has received hundreds of declarations from all parts of the country, and has chosen five awards, namely, the excellent law service case, the ten best legal team, the ten best lawyers, the ten best law firms and the annual figures in an objective, fair and rigorous way this year.

After winning the first award of the top ten law firms around the world in 2018, YingKe law firm has won the award of the top ten law firms with “The Belt and Compliance Road” this year by virtue of its excellent legal service capability.

Mr.Lide Han, a lawyer of Ying Ke law firm, who won the ten best legal service case of “The Belt and Road” dispute resolution in the first excellent legal service project in the Federal District Court of the United States for many international monopolies.

The legal services of the “The Belt and Road” construction are difficult and challenging. Ms.Xuelian Liu, a lawyer of YingKe law firm, she has successfully undertaken the construction of a foreign Power Grid Corp compliance system and the construction of a legal risk library for foreign-related projects. In addition, Mr.Nan Shen, a lawyer of YingKe law firm, has undertaken the anti dumping case of Jiangsu “Sen Mao” responding to India’s multi-storey solid wood composite flooring. As a model for dealing with overseas trade remedy cases, two lawyers have also won the excellent legal service case of “One Belt and compliance Road”.

Compliance creates value and enhances competitiveness. Yingke Law firm is not forgetting its original intention, taking precise and efficient services as its lawyer’s vocation, stepping into the world stage, becoming the founding organization of the United Nations global think tank for South South cooperation, building a “global one hour legal service circle”, and providing policy and advisory opinions for the world. Serving the “one belt and one road” construction, YingKe law firm will take this as a new starting point, seize the opportunity, actively act as a contributor, take practical action to guard the business environment and realize the value creation of customers.

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