Yingke Law Firm won four awards in the third “One Belt And One Road” excellent legal service project selection

December 14, 2020

On December 12, 2020, the third “One Belt And One Road” excellent legal service award ceremony and “One Belt And One Road” high-end legal service forum, sponsored by rule of law daily and undertaken by legal network, was held in Beijing.

Mei Xiangrong, founding partner, director and director of the global board of directors of Yingke Law Firm, Yang Lin, founding partner, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors of Yingke Law Firm, Liu Xuelian, lawyer of Yingke Urumqi, lawyer Han Lide and lawyer Liu Yin of Yingke Beijing attended the meeting.

Six awards including excellent legal service cases, top 10 lawyers, top 10 legal teams, top 10 law firms, overseas special award for fighting COVID-19, and person of the year were selected at the awards ceremony.

Yingke Law Firm won the “Belt and Road” Top ten Law firm award with its continuous efforts in the field of “Belt and Road” legal services.

Lawyer Liu Xuelian of Yingke Beijing (urumqi) was awarded the “One Belt And One Road · health road” top ten lawyer.

The “acquisition and operation of a second-hand international cruise ship project in the Bahamas” undertaken by Han lide’s lawyer team and the “anti-dumping and countervailing investigation case against glass containers originating in China” undertaken by Liu Yin’s lawyer team won the “One Belt And One Road · health road” excellent legal service case award.

The four awards gave high recognition to Yingke’s efforts in supporting the One Belt And One Road initiative from different dimensions.

Yingke international founding partner, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors Yang Lin was invited to participate in the round table dialogue with the theme of “One Belt And One Road legal services under the epidemic”. She said that as a member of Saudi Arabia’s B20 trade and Investment working group, Pacific Century group, as a representative of Chinese enterprises, made suggestions to promote strong, balanced and sustainable growth of the global economy. For Chinese lawyers, our opportunity is to follow in the footsteps of our clients in providing global legal services.

The “Yingke Global Legal Services Network” initiated by Yingke is the first international law firm network named and led by Chinese law firms. Its original intention is to serve “going global” Chinese enterprises and help them solve legal problems encountered in the process of international business. At present, it has covered 83 countries and 143 international cities. The concept of Yingke is “global vision, local wisdom”, and “local wisdom” not only refers to Chinese wisdom, but also attaches great importance to “localization”, that is, local information, contacts, knowledge and experience, because it is of great significance to both corporate and individual customers.

In the end, Yang Lin said that One Belt And One Road countries face many challenges due to the diversity and complexity of politics, economy, rule of law, culture and other aspects, the professional and efficiency of cooperative law firms and the scarcity of international legal talents.

In the future long-term development, we need to continuously provide more perfect legal services for “One Belt And One Road” and encourage lawyers to go forward hand in hand.

Yingke Law Firm has been awarded the “One Belt And One Road” top ten law firm award for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. This year, it won the “One Belt And One Road · road to health” top ten law firm award for its excellent legal service ability. This award is the affirmation and encouragement to Yingke law firm.

This year marks the seventh year of the One Belt And One Road initiative. In the past seven years, One Belt And One Road has developed from blueprint to route planning, from construction to implementation, to fully tap the potential of regional economy and market, and drive the economic development of the regions along the route. Yingke law firm has acted with courage to help build the “One Belt And One Road” interconnected ecosystem and jointly build a road of sustainable development. As one of the five founding organizations of the United Nations global think tank for South-South Cooperation, Yingke Law Firm established the “Global One-hour legal Service Circle”. In the past ten years, Yingke has worked closely with member firms of the Global Legal Service Network to provide cross-legal, cross-language and cross-cultural professional and efficient legal services for many Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises in China.

In the future, Yingke Law Firm will take this as a new starting point, seize the opportunity, continue to strengthen communication, promote service innovation, protect the business environment with practical actions, and realize the value creation of customers. We are committed to one belt, one road office, which will provide the lawyers with the power of “one belt and one road” strategy and the construction of the rule of law in the world.

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