Yingke Law Firm donated 10,000 medical masks to global alliance and overseas branche

March 26, 2020

The global epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. YingKe Law Firm quickly contacted the member law firms of the global legal service alliance of YingKe and its overseas branches to express condolences from the Chinese family of YingKe, and sent 10000 kn95 masks to the UK, the US, Israel, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Argentina, Uganda and other countries I wish the global family of YingKe safe and healthy.

It is reported that according to Chinese experience in fighting the epidemic, Ms. Lin Yang, who is the founder, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors of YingKe International, has sent condolences to international partners around the world to actively prevent and control the epidemic and shared personal protection experience.

During the outbreak, YingKe law firm continued to provide online legal services, set up an overseas legal service group, and carried out special legal services to provide legal services for global clients. YingKe global system seeks epidemic prevention materials procurement resources together to help focus on epidemic countries and regions. In order to help travelers between China and the United States understand the actual situation and reduce panic, YingKe US law firm conducts a comprehensive analysis of the so-called “travel warning” system in the United States. In the later stage, YingKe overseas provided legal support for overseas investment and trade, overseas students and tourists through the global system of YingKe. In its own way, YingKe law firm delivers the warmth and professional strength of legal persons to the global legal service alliance. According to the development of the global epidemic, YingKe law firm will continue to assist the epidemic countries and regions, practice corporate social responsibility, and continue to deliver warmth.


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