The Creation of the Yingke International Website

April 11, 2017

Yingke needed to develop a new brand identity to represent the international network of law firms that they had helped to create. This identity had to show the coming together of these global partners and the global offering that could now be provided to clients.

“Flowing forward, every crevice a river must first fill; just as only after certain and great quantity of knowledge attained may the individual find the Way,” so said the famous philosopher Mencius. These sayings explain the origin of “Yingke” and show the perseverance of Yingke citizens. – Yingke

Our modern interconnected world is fast moving, and flows like a river, the visual language reflects this whilst at the same time highlighting the key global territories Yingke works in.

The overall result is a simplification of the Yingke China branding, that references the heritage of the company but also adds a look and feel that is globally appropriate.

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Yingke and Tsinghua convene forum on rule-of-law

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