Yingke Achievement | Yingke Lawyer Successfully Won the Bidding of State Grid Yingda as Legal Adviser

January 18, 2022

On December 28, 2021, Beijing Yingke Law Firm was successfully selected into the recruitment project of legal adviser of State Grid Yingda International Holding Group Co., LTD and State Grid Yingda Co., LTD from 2022-2023. In the next two years, we will provide services of perennial legal adviser for State Grid Yingda International Holding Group Co., LTD and State Grid Yingda Co., LTD.

The team of lawyer Zhang Li, global partner of Yingke Law Firm, director of Yingke Beijing Financial and Securities Legal Affairs Department stood out from the competition of a lot of the top law firms with their rich legal service experience in the financial field and superb professional skills.

In the above two projects, the team received unanimous approval from clients with their comprehensive service capability, and finally won the bidding with the comprehensive ranking of the first and the third.

State Grid Yingda International Holdings Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China and a platform for financial assets, investment and management. Currently holds financial or quasi-financial licenses such as financial company, property insurance, life insurance, insurance broker, insurance asset management, trust, securities, futures, public offering fund, industrial fund, financial leasing, factoring, investment, carbon finance, etc, participating in 27 institutions. By the end of 2020, the group had 1.36 trillion yuan assets under management with 45.37 billion yuan annual revenue.

State Grid Yingda Co., Ltd. is a listed subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China. The controlling shareholder is State Grid Yingda International Holdings Co., LTD. A-share securities are referred to as “State Grid Yingda”, and the stock code is 600517.

The company completed major asset reorganization on February 28, 2020, and injected trust, securities, futures and other financial businesses.

By the end of 2020, the total assets of the company are 39.68 billion yuan, and the total revenue is 8.092 billion yuan.

This project is a deeper cooperation with the financial business section of the State Grid Corporation of China after the team continues to work as perennial legal advisor or legal advisor of special fields such as financial business and compliance for State Grid Subsidiaries such as State Grid E-commerce Co., LTD. (State Grid Xiongan Financial Technology Group) and State Grid E-commerce Technology Co., LTD, State Grid Zhilian E-commerce Co., LTD., State Grid Xiongan Commercial Factoring Co., LTD., and State Grid set up “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” fund Beijing Nengchuang Investment Center (limited partnership)

In the next stage of cooperation, Yingke Law Firm will continue to wholeheartedly provide the most professional and highest-quality legal services for State Grid Corporation of China.

Brief Introduction of the project leader

Mr. Zhang is a global partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, deputy director of Partner Management Committee, director of Yingke Beijing Financial Securities Legal Affairs Department, director of PCCW National Venture Capital and Private Equity Legal Committee. Since lawyer Zhang practiced law, he has been focused on legal services on financial securities and corporate business fields. He is skilled in dealing with disputes in the financial market and commercial fields such as companies, securities, investment and financing, and good at combining litigation with non-litigation ideas, designing multi-dimensional solutions for complex and difficult financial and commercial disputes, and providing accurate and efficient legal services.

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