Working Conference on Further Strategic Cooperation between Beijing Yingke Tsinghua Law School Successfully Held

August 31, 2022

On the afternoon of August 15, 2022, a working conference between Beijing Yingke Law Firm and School of Law, Tsinghua University to further promote strategic cooperation was successfully held at the Global Headquarters of Yingke Global Legal Service Center on the 55th floor of CITIC Tower.

Li Hua, Founding Partner, Deputy Director and Director of the National Practice Steering Committee of Yingke Law Firm, served as the host of the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mei Xiangrong, Chairman of Yingke, emphasized that Tsinghua Law School and Yingke Law Firm already have a good foundation for cooperation, and the four World Forums on the Rule-of-Law co-organized by both sides have become important academic activities to tell the stories of China’s rule-of-law and convey the voice of China’s rule-of-law to the world. Yingke Law Firm is willing to continue to expand the cooperation with Tsinghua Law School on the present foundation, and hopes that both sides will face the future, set long-term goals, leverage their own strengths, achieve a strong combination, and work together for China’s rule-of-law construction cause.

Dean Zhou Guangquan of Tsinghua Law School pointed out that in the current new period of national rule-of-law construction, it is timely to further the strategic cooperation between Tsinghua Law School and Yingke Law Firm to a higher level. Both sides have remarkable room for cooperation in legal education. At the same time, with the help of Yingke Law Firm, Tsinghua Law School can leverage its own academic and scientific research advantage to promote the cultivation of high-end legal practice talents. 

Yang Lin, Executive Chairwoman of Yingke Global Board, emphasized that Yingke will pay more attention to the cultivation of foreign-related legal talents, and hoped, together with Tsinghua University Law School, to achieve a powerful combination to contribute to the cultivation of foreign-related legal talents in the future.

The working conference to further promote strategic cooperation was successfully concluded. Both sides reached the consensus of leveraging their own advantages and making the most of their respective platforms to select outstanding legal talents to serve society. Embracing confidence and determination, Yingke Law Firm and Tsinghua University Law School will embark on the new journey of striving to promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the legal service industry.

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