The Seminar on “Interim Measures in International Arbitration” Was Successfully Concluded

September 16, 2021

On the afternoon of September 15, 2021, the first session of the seminar on Interim Measures of International Arbitration was successfully held in CP Center of Yingke Beijing. The event focuses on “Interim Measures in International Arbitration”, including general introduction and enforcement, emergency arbitrator proceedings, anti-suit and anti-arbitration injunctions and other topics. The seminar was jointly organized by Yingke Law Firm, Wolters Kluwer, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), International Dispute Resolution Academy (IDRA) and Stephenson Harwood LLP. The language of the conference was English, with intelligent translation provided by iFLYtek.

Guests attending the seminar include Ms. Kiran Gore of Wolters Kluwer, Ms. Changqing Xie, Vice President of CIETAC, Profemssor Joshua Karton, IDRA, Dr. Fan Yang, partner of Stephenson Harwood LLP, and Ms. Linda Yang, Founding Partner of Yingke International, Global Partner and Executive Chairwoman of Yingke Global Board of Directors. This activity was moderated by Dr. Fan Yang.

Chairwoman Ms. Linda Yang gave a welcome speech for the seminar. She said the seminar was one of a series of activities during China Arbitration Week. As a global law firm, Yingke law Firm is committed to providing legal services to clients around the world. Interim measures play an important role in international arbitration practice. This event will focus on the basic theory of international commercial arbitration, and all the distinguished guests will give a detailed exposition and academic analysis of interim measures in international arbitration. This event will help build a positive and effective platform for exchanges and cooperation, pool wisdom and create a new situation.

Ms. Linda Yang, Founding Partner of Yingke International, Global Partner and Executive Chairwoman of Yingke Global Board of Directors


Ms. Changqing Xie said in her speech that she was very glad to come to Yingke Law Firm with all the distinguished guests and participate in this seminar online with friends from all over the world. This seminar will combine China’s experience in international arbitration to explore how arbitration services can be more fair, independent and efficient.

Ms. Changqing Xie, Vice President of CIETAC

Roundtable Discussions and Insights Sharing

Interim Measures: General Introduction and Enforcement

With the continuous development of economic globalization, the number of international commercial disputes is increasing. As an important part of international commercial arbitration mechanism, interim measures play an important role in satisfying international commercial dispute settlement. The existence of interim measures can guarantee the efficient settlement of disputes by arbitration procedures. In this session, Professor Joshua Karton was the moderator, and Professor Dr. Ali Yesilirmak, Dr. Fan Yang, and Lawyer Huang Shihan from Yingke Law Firm were the sharing guests to discuss the summary and enforcement of interim measures.


Interim Measures: Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings

The emergency arbitrator proceedings can properly deal with the urgent application for provisional measures, and can solve the need of the parties to take provisional measures quickly and in time. In this session, Mr. Andrew Rigden Green as the moderator and Ms. Kim M. Rooney, Mr. Andrew McDougall and Mr. Brad Wang as the sharing guests systematically analyzed the emergency arbitrator proceedings regulations of various arbitration institutions and further explored the arbitration rules.

Interim Measures: Anti-suit and Anti-arbitration Injunctions

Anti-suit and anti-arbitration injunctions can prevent the expected occurrence of infringement and protect the legitimate rights of the parties. In this session, Ms. Kiran Gore served as the moderator, and Dr. Crina Baltag, Dr. Zhen Ye, and Mr. Andrew Rigden Green served as the sharing guests to discuss the facts and legal basis of the issuance of injunction against litigation and arbitration, the content, and the penalties for violating the injunction.

After three round table discussions, Ms. Gwen de Vries and Ms. Evangeline Quek gave their acknowledgments and summations. In this seminar, all the distinguished guests made wonderful speeches, and each of them put forward their own views and opinions from various perspectives from their professional fields, which made the atmosphere of the whole seminar very active. Through discussing temporary measures in international arbitration, this event will promote extensive exchanges between Chinese and foreign arbitrators, lawyers, scholars, administrative staff of arbitration institutions and other legal personnel, helping to further cultivate good commercial environment and habits, and enhancing the credibility of arbitration.

At this point, the seminar on “Interim Measures in International Arbitration” was successfully concluded.

China Arbitration Week has gradually become one of the most influential arbitration legal activities at home and abroad. The seminar discussed and communicated extensively on the legal issues related to interim measures in international arbitration. As one of the participating units, Yingke Law Firm will join hands with global arbitration law professionals to hold dialogues on hot issues in international arbitration, exchange and learn from each other the practical experience and latest achievements of international arbitration under the new situation, and provide better legal services for clients.


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