The Lawyer of Yingke Law firm delivered a keynote speech “actively participate in public service and consciously fulfill social responsibility” at the Global Lawyers Forum.

January 7, 2020

The Lawyer of Yingke Law firm delivered a keynote speech “actively participate in public service and consciously fulfill social responsibility” at the Global Lawyers Forum.

On December 9-10, the Global Lawyers Forum was held in Guangzhou. With the theme of “scientific and technological progress and legal services”, the conference focused on the topic of “The belt and Road” and legal services, technological development and legal services. More than 800 government officials, judicial circles and lawyers from 57 countries and regions attended the meeting. Mr.Xiangrong Mei, who is the founding partner, director and director of the global board of directors of Yingke law firm. Ms.Lin Yang, who is the founding partner, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors of Yingke International, and 23 Yingke lawyers and Yingke lawyers from 11 countries including China, the United States, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Uganda, India and Uzbekistan Members of the global legal services alliance attended the event.

On December 10, in the topic link of lawyer’s public legal service and social responsibility, director Mr.Xiangrong Meri delivered a keynote speech “actively participate in public service and consciously fulfill social responsibility”.

How to adhere to public welfare, fulfill obligations, bear social responsibility, establish brand image and realize brand value has always been the problem and responsibility of people in YingKe.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the new era, the main social contradictions in China have been transformed into the contradiction between the people ‘ “The best way to improve the level of socialization, rule of law, intelligence and specialization of social governance”. The CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the development of public legal services. The opinions on deepening the reform of the lawyer system and accelerating the construction of the public legal service system suggest that lawyers should be guided to consciously perform their social responsibilities and actively participate in public legal services.

Looking back in 2010, from the first report on Lawyers’ social responsibility issued by Beijing Lawyers Association to the commendation of Chinese public lawyers, from the relevant media to the release of the stories of the “top ten public figures” in the legal field, from the professional, innovative and influential dimensions of public action, we have born the “visually impaired lawyer for the protection of the rights of the disabled, Jinxi, and the female devoted to the protection of minors Zhang Yuxia, a lawyer, Zong Xuzhi, a doctor defending the rights and interests of migrant workers, Shi Fumao, a faithful defender of the rights and interests of migrant workers, Zheng Qi, a disabled person, and other excellent lawyers. To promote legislation for the reputation rights cases of Dong Cunrui and Qiu Shaoyun by acting as the public interest litigation of environmental protection cases. More and more legal people have invested in public welfare undertakings and taken the initiative to undertake social responsibility. Practice has proved that lawyers’ participation in public legal services is conducive to accelerating the construction of a modern public legal service system, fostering lawyers’ sense of social responsibility, improving lawyers’ political quality and professional quality, and expanding their service fields and social influence. We also realize that “the rule of law and public welfare” is the warmest link connecting the law and social life, “the charity culture of love and morality is the foundation of human beings, the foundation of establishment, the way of industry and the way of establishment”.

In the past 40 years, Chinese lawyers’ awareness of public service has been continuously enhanced, the service field has been gradually expanded, and the service network has been continuously improved. We believe that the development of law firms needs not only the actual business operation, but also the feelings of “looking up to the stars”. We need to build a platform with culture, build a happy home with love, and at the same time create economic value, we also need to take social responsibility.

First of all, we should promote the effective connection between the supply and demand of public legal services. In recent years, more and more Chinese lawyers match the lawyer service resources with the mass service needs, actively explore the “Internet” public service mode, and make full use of wechat, microblog, legal micro, mobile app and other service carriers to provide more convenient services and online services for the people. At the same time, we should actively carry out the “legal physical examination” of private enterprises to create a good legal environment for the development of private economy; actively participate in letters and visits reception, major emergencies disposal, mediation and resolution, organize lawyers to provide volunteer services in border areas and ethnic minority areas, and carry out legal assistance activities. For example, YingKe Law firm insists on the activities of “sending France to the community, to the campus, to the military camp and to the countryside”, and contributes 15 million yuan to jointly launch the “life care” project with China children’s foundation to prevent bullying on campus. Adhere to the on duty Advisory Service of the public legal service platform, and participate in the on duty reception of 96156, the Law Association, the legal aid center, the detention center, the procuratorate and the court. Adhere to the agency of public interest litigation cases.

Secondly, to be a good and strong brand of lawyers’ public legal services. Actively participate in “One Plus One” legal aid volunteer action, ” together hand in hand as lawyer service group”, “legal aid for people’s livelihood and care for the elderly” and other activities. We will strengthen cooperation with universities, social organizations, caring enterprises, caring people and other social forces, and carry out a number of public welfare activities, such as assistance, donation, assistance, and compulsory law popularization. We will implement the public welfare action of no less than 50 hours per lawyer per year or handling two legal aid cases, and continue to expand the benefits of legal aid.

Thirdly, to build a public welfare platform with innovation and credibility. Since its establishment, Yingke Law firm has taken “the integrator of good resources, the incubator of lawyer’s public welfare, the initiator of social responsibility and the promoter of legal construction” as its mission; adhered to the principle of “equality, respect, professionalism, transparency and sustainability”; explored a new model of lawyer’s public welfare, and implemented standardized, specialized, branded and international management. The establishment of public welfare objectives, the recording of the history of public welfare, the appeal for more people to do public welfare, has achieved good social response and positive social evaluation, and shows the public welfare feelings and responsibilities of lawyers of the company.

In the future, Yingke Law firm’s staffs will also work together with the behavior industry to build a bridge to fulfill social responsibility, and build a bridge to connect public legal services and love resources. We will promote the inclusive process of China’s legal service industry, so that more people can enjoy the sunshine of the rule of law.

Finally, let’s pay more attention to public welfare undertakings, share social responsibilities, and let more people in need feel the temperature of legal services.

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