The First English Speech Competition of Yingke Law Firm Semi-Final Was Successfully Held

September 18, 2021

On September 17th, the first English Speech Contest of Yingke was successfully held. Mr. Xiangrong Mei, Founding Partner, Chairman of Global Board of Yingke Law Firm, delivered a speech, Ms. Linda Yang, Founding Partner, Global Partner and Executive Chairwoman of Yingke International, made a summary speech, and Yingke International Global Legal Service Network international partners watched online. Eighty colleagues from 96 branches of Yingke in China applied for this English speech contest. After the preliminary contest, 24 colleagues conducted an exciting semi-final by combining online and offline methods. The excellent English level of the contestants was highly praised by the partners of Yingke International Global Legal Service Network, reflecting the excellent English quality of Yingke lawyers.

Mr. Xiangrong Mei said in his speech, “With the rapid development of global economic integration, a large number of Chinese companies and individuals are ‘going global’, and the demand for talents of cross-border legal services is also increasing. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important instructions on strengthening the training on international legal professionals, implement the central government’s decision and deployment on the development of foreign-related legal services, as well as to support stable and far-reaching of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, Yingke Law Firm is committed to cultivating a team with global vision and professional experiences on international legal issues.

The ‘Analects of Confucius’ says: ‘Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well.’ As a working language commonly used around the world, English has become an indispensable weapon for lawyers. Today we have 24 selected players from Yingke branch offices all over the country. I wish all of you will express your excellence through your wonderful speeches and I wish a great success to the First English Speech Contest of Yingke Law Firm.

Chairwoman Ms. Linda Yang affirmed the excellent performance of the contestants and pointed out the importance of practicing Good English as the working language of foreign lawyers. Foreign lawyers should also have a profound understanding of international politics and economy and be very professional in some professional fields. She also mentioned the diversity of participants, from colleagues who have studied abroad to those who, like Zhu, have started to learn English in middle age. This shows that “where there is a will, there is a way” and encourages more people to learn English.

She concluded, “As the largest independent law firm in the world, Yingke has been globalizing since 2009, when we launched our first abroad office of the Global Legal Services Network, Yingke Global Legal Services Network, which now covers 83 countries. I look forward to having more colleagues to pay attention to the subsequent competition and jointly to achieve the goal of building a global leading law firm and contribute to the construction of a socialist country ruled by law.”

This round – up competition is hosted and commented on by Yingke International Department Pinjia Gao.

The final list will be announced by the scoring committee in 5 working days after the semi-finals, expect your attention!

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