Mr. Kyo-Yu Ito and Ms. Keiko Ito of the Embassy of Japan in China visited Yingke Law Firm

December 3, 2021

On the afternoon of December 1, 2021, Mr. Kyo-Yu Ito and Ms. Keiko Ito of the Embassy of Japan in China visited Yingke Law Offices for a visit and exchange. They were warmly received by Yang Lin, founding partner, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors of Yingke International, Zhang Li, global partner and deputy director of the management committee of Yingke Beijing, Hu Dandan, director of the IP legal department (department 3) of Yingke Beijing, and Guo Qi, head of Client management department of Yingke headquarters. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Director Yang Lin firstly expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Kyousuke Ito and Ms. Keiko Ito and their delegation, and then introduced the current development status and development philosophy of Yingke Law Firm to them. Director Yang Lin said that internationalization is an important development strategy of Yingke Law Firm, and after more than 10 years of layout, Yingke’s global legal service network has covered 83 countries, including Japan. Japan is an important investment destination for Chinese companies, and Yingke Law Firm has been paying great attention to Japan, especially after the implementation of RCEP, there will be more growth in investment and trade between China and Japan. Director Yang Lin said she was happy to have the opportunity to communicate with two diplomats with rich experience in legal practice today, and looked forward to providing professional and efficient legal services to Japanese enterprises in China in the future.

Afterwards, Mr. Ito expressed his pleasure to visit and exchange with Yingke Law Firm and expressed his gratitude for the reception. He talked about his work in the embassy as the exchange between China and Japan, and believed that it is important to deepen the exchange of legal aspects between China and Japan, as Chinese laws and regulations are constantly updated, many Japanese companies are very worried about whether they violate Chinese laws, and only timely exchange and learning of new laws can better promote cooperation between China and Japan. 

And then, Guo Qi introduced that Yingke Law Firm has 102 branches nationwide and has set up 30 professional committees and 18 comprehensive legal centers at the national level, with more than 1,000 professional departments in all branches to meet clients’ needs for legal services in various legal fields and globally, and is committed to providing global business legal services and creating value for clients.

Ms. Hu Dandan expressed that IPR is very important in the cooperation and exchange between China and Japan. He talked about the latest trends in IPR litigation and the latest IPR legislation trends, and explained them through actual cases, indicating that more and more Japanese right holders are defending their rights in China.

Director Zhang Li said that China and Japan can learn from each other and thus cooperate well. He introduced the legal market of China’s financial securities and his main service areas, and that Yingke Law Firm has served a large number of financial institutions and made great contributions to China’s economic prosperity. Yingke Law Firm is a national legal service provider, providing high quality and professional legal services to clients worldwide.

Finally, Mr. He Tianhong gave an online presentation on the development of Yingke Suzhou, the lawyer team and the compliance governance of international investment and M&A companies.

After the meeting, Mr. Kyo-You Ito and Ms. Keiko Ito of the Embassy of Japan in China, accompanied by leaders from the headquarters, visited the big data control platform, multi-functional conference hall, Yingke ring screen, party building gallery, party building activity room and other supporting facilities at Yingke’s headquarters in Beijing.

In the future, Yingke should strictly require itself to deepen its business development from a global perspective, and the establishment of Yingke’s “global one-hour legal service circle” should be closely focused on the requirements of the Party and the government to contribute to the building of a community of human destiny.

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