Director Wu Meng of Bilateral Cooperation Department of China International Chamber of Commerce and others visited Yingke Law Firm

December 10, 2021

In the afternoon of December 9, 2021, Wu Meng, Director of Bilateral Cooperation Department of China International Chamber of Commerce (CICC), Zhang Jingfu, Deputy Director of West Asia and Africa Division, Bilateral Cooperation Department, China Chamber of International Commerce, Liu Chenming, Project Manager of the West Asia and Africa Division of the Bilateral Cooperation Department of the China International Chamber of Commerce (CICC), and their delegation visited Yingke Law Firm for a visit.

They were warmly received by Yang Lin, Founding Partner and Global Partner of Yingke International and Executive Director of Yingke Global Board of Directors, Li Zheng, Director of Yingke China Board of Directors and Executive Director of Yingke China, Dr. Zhang Jun, Director of Yingke WTO/International Trade Remedies Center, and Dr. Liu Zhixin of Yingke Beijing IPR Research Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, Director Yang Lin firstly expressed a warm welcome to Minister Wu Meng and his delegation, and then introduced the history, status and philosophy of Yingke’s international development as well as the advantageous resources of Yingke’s global legal service network. Director Yang Lin said that Yingke started internationalization in 2010 and began globalization earlier among Chinese law firms, and today has formed a global legal service network covering 83 countries and 145 international cities around the world. Yingke selects foreign law firms that identify with China’s development, have a high degree of professionalism and understand Chinese culture to join the Yingke Global Legal Services Network. In recent years, Yingke has established direct law firms in some countries and regions with a high concentration of Chinese corporate investment, including the United States, Germany, Australia, Korea, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, and three countries in Central Asia, which are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Director Yang Lin also introduced the background and performance of some of Yingke China’s foreign-related legal talents. Director Yang Lin expressed her hope to strengthen the communication and cooperation with ICC and provide professional and efficient legal services for Chinese enterprises’ projects abroad across languages, cultures and jurisdictions, so as to escort the globalization of enterprises.

Mr. Wu Meng, Director of Bilateral Cooperation Department of China Chamber of International Commerce (CCPIT), introduced the history of CCPIT and the work it undertakes. Ministry of Bilateral Cooperation is the main external liaison department of CCCC. Its main responsibility is to be entrusted by CCPIT to do the daily operation, management and maintenance of more than 350 bilateral business cooperation mechanisms established by CCPIT and CCCC with foreign parties.

The bilateral business cooperation mechanism is a working platform jointly established by CCPIT and its counterparts such as China International Chamber of Commerce (CICC), foreign business associations and trade and investment promotion agencies to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign business communities, and is an important channel and grip for the external work of CICC. At present, the cooperation mechanism involves more than 300 counterpart institutions in 137 countries and regions, basically covering the major economies. The secretariats of national-level bilateral mechanisms such as China-Latin America Entrepreneur Council, China-Africa Joint Chamber of Commerce, China-Arab Joint Chamber of Commerce and Shanghai Cooperation Organization China Industrialists Committee are all located in the bilateral ministries.

The Ministry of Bilateral Cooperation actively promotes the construction of the Chinese Council of the bilateral business cooperation mechanism, selects well-known enterprises to serve on the Council, invites the majority of enterprises to join the Chinese Council, and unites and leads the Chinese business community to better carry out economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with relevant countries and regions.

The Department of Bilateral Cooperation organizes various high-end economic and trade business events every year, and cooperates with China’s diplomatic and foreign trade work, organizing a large number of exchanges and interactions between Chinese and foreign enterprises during the visits of foreign dignitaries to China and the visits of Chinese leaders, playing an important role in carrying out private diplomacy and strengthening foreign trade and eco

nomic cooperation. Among them, the China-Africa Entrepreneur Conference, China-Latin America Entrepreneur Summit and the Top 500 Enterprises in Localities brand events have received enthusiastic response and are highly evaluated and widely praised by the industry at home and abroad.

After listening to the introduction of Mr. Wu Meng, Director Li Zheng fully affirmed the diversified cooperation opportunities between the two sides and introduced the integration construction of Yingke China. The law firm focuses on matrix management and integrated development, and the management system covers all aspects of the law firm. He also spoke about the 102 domestic law firms directly invested and managed by Yingke, which are located in different cities across China and can effectively interface with organizations around the ICC. Yingke’s excellent foreign lawyers can provide services to the national organizations and members of ICC. The firm is committed to providing global legal services and creating value for our clients by being “client-oriented and lawyer-based”.

Zhang Jingfu, Deputy Director of West Asia and Africa Division, Bilateral Cooperation Department, China International Chamber of Commerce (CICC) and Liu Chenming, Project Manager, supplemented Minister Wu Meng’s speech. The Department of Bilateral Cooperation has set up liaison offices in local trade promotion systems one after another to expand the service scope and space of bilateral business cooperation mechanism, support the development of local open economy and help local enterprises “go global”. The various high-end economic and trade business activities organized by the Bilateral Cooperation Department every year further improve the working system of bilateral business cooperation mechanism, maintain the vitality and vigor of the mechanism, ensure the smooth and effective implementation of the work under each mechanism, give full play to the advantages of enterprises and help them to operate internationally. As always, the bilateral department will closely focus on the overall economic and social development of the country, meet the individual needs of enterprises, be pragmatic and practical, and provide professional services and firm support for the development and global strategic layout of enterprises.

Dr. Zhang Jun and Dr. Liu Zhixin introduced the way of cooperation with ICC from the perspective of international trade remedies, intellectual property rights and trade secrets respectively. Dr. Zhang Jun introduced the intersection of his work with ICC in previous cases, as well as his work experience in the field of “two oppositions and one protection” and the latest global trends. Yingke will give full play to its strengths and dovetail with ICC’s work objectives. Dr. Liu mentioned that Yingke has nearly 400 professional IP attorneys nationwide, and Yingke has more than 70 full-time IP attorneys in Beijing, and Yingke has held the top spot in IP agency ratings for more than 10 years. Dr. Zhang Jun and Dr. Liu Zhihan also shared specific cases with the audience.

Minister Wu Meng concluded that the communication had strengthened the understanding of Yingke, and he looked forward to more participation of Yingke lawyers in the work, projects and activities organized by the Chamber. The two sides will start in-depth communication on specific cooperation in the future.

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