“Digital Economy Enabling Industrial Development” — Entrepreneurs’ Thinking Meeting Was Successfully Held in Beijing

September 30, 2021

On September 28, 2021, the “Digital Economy Enabling Industrial Development” — Entrepreneurs’ Thinking Meeting, co-hosted by Guanghua Road Economic Forum, Yingke Law Firm and Sky Saga Capital, was held in Yingke Law Firm. Mr. Xiangrong Mei, Founding Partner, Chairman of Global Board of Yingke Law Firm, Mr. Pengfei Mao, Founding Partner of Sky Saga Capital, Mr. Shixue You, Intellectualization Consulting Expert of Yongyou Group Enterprises, Mr. Youshi Xue, Chairman of Beijing Huilan Infotech Co., LTD., Mr. Zheng Li, Chairman of  China Board, the Executive Chairman of Yingke Law Firm, Mr. Xufeng Jin, General Manager of Beijing Guanghua Road International Business Consulting Co., LTD., was invited to attend the conference, which was hosted by Mr. Shiwei Sui. The conference was broadcast lived on Tencent Video and watched by nearly 100,000 people online.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Xiangrong Mei, Founding Partner, Chairman of Global Board of Yingke Law Firm, addressed the attendees and shared the theme of “Digital Economy driving Enterprise Growth”.  Mr. Mei mentioned that with the development of the times and technological innovation, the legal service industry is facing urgent transformation. Digitalization has become the first step in the transformation and upgrading of Law firms. Under the dual influence of the times and industrial upgrading, on July 18,2020, Yingke fully launched Law wit intelligent system, and transferred the traditional offline office system and services to the digital intelligent system, opening a new chapter of Yingke digital services. Until August 29, 2021, the number of registered users of Yingke digital technology system has reached 16,451. Yingke handles case cloud cooperation, gets through the cooperation process, and realizes all-round service seamless connection for customers. Yingke cloud storage of data, cloud sharing of all resources, and cloud management of work flow are all realized. In the future, data-driven and AI will be further realized. Yingke information construction, empowered by digital technology, is creating infinite possibilities for the transformation and upgrading of legal services. The deep integration and development of digitalization, intelligence and Internet will provide infinite opportunities for legal innovation and evolution. Digitalization puts technology at the service of law, and the digital economy drives business growth.

Mr. Ge Yang, Founding Partner of Sky Saga Capital, shared the theme of “Market Environment and Industrial Trend in the Post-Pandemic Era” for the participants. He said that the pandemic has accelerated the pace of further internalization of the world, the speed of economic adjustment and deleveraging and capacity reduction in China, and the essential reshuffle of the economic structure. Reshaping the market environment in the process of defrosting leaves some opportunities for the development of new capacity; The above process produces a time asymmetry in the exchange of new and old capacity in the transition cycle. The pandemic has become an accelerator of global change, reshaping the market environment and opening up new opportunities for the development of new production capacity. In the elimination of the old ecological metabolism, more and more new generation of culture and enterprises continue to rise. Break the routine, break the loop volume, optimistic, open innovation will bring a new era under the impetus of the emerging productivity digitization process, the outbreak era is the era of a variable, promote the development of industry of digital information fusion, industrial digital makes production factors changed, the social productive forces improved, We look forward to the digital development of the industry driving the better development of China’s economy.

Intellectualization Consultant of Yongyou Group Enterprises Mr. Pengfei Mao shared “The Core Logic of Intellectualization Transformation”, he spoke of the outbreak of companies intellectualization process, explore the underlying logic of enterprise digital transformation and innovation model, several intellectualization business innovation into the key moment of the finishing, digital transformation gave rise to new business paradigm: number of intellectualization business. General Manager Mao gave us a detailed account of the enterprise’s digitalization methodology, from the essence, logic, multiplication model to the practice path. Let us have a deeper understanding of the Tao and art of enterprise number intelligence.

Chairman of Beijing Huilan Infotech Co., LTD., Mr. Shixue You shared the “AI Empowers the Digital Economy”, led us to a world of AI, know deeply about how the AI is assigned to the digital economy and promoting the development of other industries, and better understand the technology and industry service ability of Huilan Infotech as well. Artificial intelligence opens a new era of human-machine collaboration! Get rid of repetitive, heavy work, let people do things, promote life growth, enjoy life! While liberating the productive forces, distribution according to need, communism, the world will be a better place.

Finally, Mr. Xufeng Jin, General Manager of Beijing Guanghua Rd International Business Consulting Co., LTD., summed up the meeting. He mentioned that Guanghua Rd Academy provided a platform for learning and communication by holding a series of themed activities. We hope that more entrepreneurs and industry experts can participate in the event, and Guanghua Rd Academy will hold more different industrial activities in the future. At the same time, he also mentioned the Guanghua Rd Economic Forum, for everyone to build a high-end dialogue platform. With the development concept of “Telling China’s economic story well, Building a community of economic destiny for mankind”, the Forum aims to create an annual event in the field of global economy, promote the integrated development of the world economy, and look forward to enhancing cooperation and creating business opportunities with all the enterprises present today.

At this point, Guanghua Rd Academy – a series of themed activities “Digital Economy Enabling Industrial Development – Entrepreneurs’ Thinking meeting” has come to a successful end!


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