“Compliance Escort For Steady and Lasting Progress” — The Corporate Compliance Summit Forum Was Successfully Held

October 15, 2021

Compliance is the basic condition for an corporate to establish itself and develop, and it contains the culture and values of sustainable development. How to effectively comply is a practical problem for every corporate.

On October 12, 2021, host by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Suzhou Industrial Park, collaborated with the grass-roots committees of the committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, undertook by Yingke (Suzhou) Law Firm, guided by Suzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Suzhou Industrial Park, and supported by Council for the Promotion of Corporate Development services ” Compliance Escort For Steady and Lasting Progress” – — The Corporate Compliance Summit Forum was successfully held in Suzhou. More than 500 industry experts, entrepreneurs and lawyers attended the forum.

This Corporate Compliance Summit will comprehensively discuss the experience and development of Chinese corporates in compliance management under the background of the increasing attention of regulators to the concept of compliance. The organizer invited a number of industry veterans and corporate compliance experts, as well as more than 500 well-known corporate representatives and legal personage to gather together to interpret the latest laws and policies, discuss criminal compliance, administrative compliance and a series of topics, helping to create a better business and market competition environment. The forum aims to provide practical, creative and comprehensive corporate compliance solutions in line with the new era, so that the participating corporates can cope with the new environment of compliance.

Zan Li, Vice Chairman of Suzhou CPPCC and Chairman of Suzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry delivered a speech. Chairman Zan Li briefly explained the establishment and promotion of the compliance pilot work in Suzhou. From Suzhou People’s Procuratorate and Suzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry established a communication mechanism for criminal cases involving private corporates, to Zhangjiagang became the first compliance pilot city, to Suzhou People’s Procuratorate Chairman of Suzhou Chamber of Commerce and more than ten units jointly issued “On Establishing A Corporate Compliance Involved the Third Party Supervision and Evaluation Mechanism Implementation Opinions (Try Out)” and other documents, Suzhou has continuously explored and developed in corporate compliance, and achieved certain results, which have been recognized by superior authorities and entrepreneurs. The forum invited compliance law experts and compliance legal practice experts to talk with suzhou entrepreneurs about corporate compliance, which played a positive role in the next stage of corporate compliance work in Suzhou.

Ms. Peimei Ma, Executive Chairwoman of Yingke Jiangsu, delivered a speech. Ms. Ma thanked the leaders, guests, entrepreneurs and lawyers who attended the forum. Yingke has 18 branches in Jiangsu province, consisting of more than 1000 practicing lawyers, more than 300 practicing lawyers, more than 200 paralegals and administrative staff. In recent years, in response to the increasing demand of corporate compliance legal services market, to comply with the requirements of government departments, combined with the advantages of Yingke integration, Yingke Jiangsu region has set up a corporate compliance research center, formed a variety of special compliance lawyer database, case database, legal service products, and carried out a series of corporate compliance training. In the future, yingke will combine the strength of the province to create a more efficient and high-quality lawyer talent team and help the compliance development of corporations.

On behalf of the organizer of this event, Mr. Xiao Han, Executive Chairman of Yingke Suzhou & Yingke Kunshan & Yingke Yixing, expressed his gratitude to the leaders, guests, entrepreneurs and lawyers attending the forum. Chairman Han said that compliance is a belief with taste, temperature and power, which cultivates the inner belief of integrity and justice and the rupture of mistakes. This year is the beginning of the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, new requirements for enterprise compliance construction were brought up. Yingke actively explores and researches corporate compliance. At present, Yingke law firm has undertaken a number of compliance projects, and two lawyers from Yingke Suzhou have been selected as “Professional Member Base of Third-Party Supervision and Evaluation Mechanism”. Yingke Law Firm is willing to provide accurate and efficient legal services for all industries with its rich experience and professional strength accumulated for many years, and help corporations develop steadily and with high quality.

Ruihua Chen, Law Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor of Peking University, took “Corporate Compliance and Corporate Governance” as the theme and shared it from three dimensions: the definition of compliance, the classification of compliance risk and the mode of effective compliance management. In the process of enterprise operation and development, there are a variety of compliance risks, such as strategic risks, operational risks and financial risks. In essence, corporate compliance is a corporate governance method based on risk prevention and control. Since the introduction of compliance supervision by regulatory departments in China, effective compliance management has basically formed two institutional models — daily compliance management model and crisis handling compliance rectification model.

Professor Chen said that the highest level of corporate compliance should be to avoid external supervision and achieve “self-regulation” of corporations. To a certain extent, the self-rectification initiated by corporations after the occurrence of violations is consistent with the compliance rectification externally promoted by law enforcement agencies. For corporations that have established a mature daily compliance management system, self-rectification is enough to solve the problem of improving the compliance system, while those that have not established an effective daily compliance system need external promotion from law enforcement agencies. The combination and complement each other can jointly promote different corporations to achieve the goal of improving the compliance management system.

Zhongyi Zhu, Associate Professor of Wang Jian Law School of Suzhou University, took “Exploring the Construction of Corporate Administrative Compliance Guidance List System” as the theme and shared the significance, main content and future development of the construction of corporate administrative compliance guidance list system.

Legal environment provides an important guarantee for corporations to accurately predict the consequences of their behaviors. The establishment of the administrative compliance guidance list system is an important measure to optimize the rule of law business environment. Corporations do not know enough about the legal system of administrative management, so the establishment of the compliance guidance list system can help corporations to know the law, abide by the law, and avoid breaking the law. Specifically, the system may include administrative compliance matters, compliance suggestions, routine illegal behavior performance, legal basis and liability for illegal behavior, risk grade and guidance department. In the future, the list system can be implemented in the whole city and the scope of the list can be gradually expanded. Optimize compliance suggestions to help corporations better absorb and adopt; The contents of the list shall be timely revised and improved based on administrative practices.

Round-table in the first half to the “Criminal Compliance Pain Points in field and Practice” as the theme, especially invited Jun Wang, Chairman of the Suzhou Industrial Park People’s Procuratorate department 2; Lawyer Yi Sun, Chairman of the Administrative Committee of Yingke Suzhou; Zheng Yingchao, Global Partner of Yingke Global; Yunyun Wen, Yingke Suzhou Part-Time Lawyer, Lawyer Yan Shi, Vice Chairman of the Administrative Committee of Yingke Nantong are guests of the round-table. Yingchao Zheng served as the host of the roundtable forum for interactive exchanges and experience sharing.

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