China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation and Yingke Law Firm Successfully Reached Agreement

April 2, 2022

On March 31, 2022, the Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement between China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation (COSDF) and Yingke Law Firm was successfully held at the Global Headquarters of Yingke Global Legal Service Network.

Zhuang Liang, Member of the Party Organization of the Western Returned Scholars Association and Vice President and Secretary General of COSDF; Liu Wei, Deputy Secretary General of COSDF; Song Haiyan, Director of the General Office of COSDF; Xiao Fangting, Deputy Director of the Project Management Department of COSDF; Yang Lin, Founding Partner of Yingke International, Global Partner of Yingke Law Firm, and Executive Chairwoman of Yingke Global Board; Zhang Qunli, Deputy Director of the Board of Directors of Yingke China; and Yuan Fangchen and Li Jiquan, Global Partners of Yingke Law Firm, attended the Signing Ceremony. The event was host by Mr Zhang Qunli.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms Yang Lin delivered a speech. She expressed her warm welcome to the leaders of the COSDF and her expectation for bilateral cooperation. She said that Yingke Law Firm adheres to the goal of “building a globally leading law firm”, adheres to “global mindset and local instinct”, and actively responds to changes in the legal service market. Yingke is committed to building a “Global One-Hour Legal Service Circle”, providing clients with international business legal services and creating value for clients. Yingke looks forward to combining the advantages and resources of both Yingke and COSDF, and supporting the development of excellent overseas-educated students.

Mr Zhuang Liang introduced the purpose and business scope of COSDF. He said that COSDF is committed to promoting the healthy development of overseas-educated students, assisting relevant departments to develop and utilize talent resources and talent markets at China and abroad, actively attracting Chinese overseas students to return to China, supporting overseas students to start their own businesses, playing a bridging role, and serving the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era and the work of overseas students. It is hoped that the cooperation between COSDF and Yingke Law Firm can bring together more social forces to provide specific and pragmatic legal services for overseas students and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of overseas students.

Mr. Yuan Fangchen and Mr. Li Jiquan combined their own experiences to put forward many constructive opinions and specific implementation methods for promoting further in-depth cooperation between COSDF and Yingke Law Firm.

The signing ceremony was officially held, and Secretary General Zhuang Liang and Ms Yang Lin jointly signed the cooperation agreement. 

The signing ceremony deepened the mutual understanding between Yingke Law Firm and COSDF. In the future, Yingke Law Firm will also continue to help promote the in-depth implementation of the Strategy on Developing a Quality Workforce in the New Era, and promote the healthy development of the overseas-educated talents.

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