Beijing Yingke Law Firm was elected as Legal Service Provider of Peking University

March 29, 2022

Recently, the results of the selection of Peking University Legal Service Law Firms were released,and Beijing Yingke Law Firm was successfully shortlisted, becoming the legal service provider of Peking University from 2022 to 2024.

Beijing Yingke Law Firm attaches great importance to the selection of this Peking University legal service law firm, and has formed a project team led by Ms. Huizhen Hao, Director of Yingke Beijing Management Committee Ms. Gengqing Ye, Senior Partner Mr. Lianggang Wang, and a number of partners and lawyers including Ms. Lili Wu, Ms. Xiaohui Li, Mr. Tiefeng Gao, Mr. Xiaolei Yang, Mr. Zhiqiang Liu, Mr. Jialin Wang, Ms. Jia Zhao, etc. The project team members have years of experience in compliance and risk control, contract review, administrative, criminal, civil and commercial disputes, intellectual property rights, foreign-related cases, etc.

Beijing Yingke lawyers always adhere to the sole criterion of serving clients well. This tender was finally shortlisted to become the legal service provider of Peking University with Yingke’s strong strength and excellent performance.

The election of Beijing Yingke Law Firm as the legal service provider of Peking University demonstrates Yingke’s professional legal service capability and strong comprehensive business strength in serving universities. Yingke Law Firm will live up to the expectations and strive for excellence to contribute to the high-quality development of China’s education industry.

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