2020 high quality development forum for lawyers industry and breakthroughs in 10,000 lawyers’ celebrations in YingKe

November 17, 2020

On October 31, 2020, the 2020 high quality development forum for lawyers and 10000 breakthroughs in YingKe were successfully held at the new site of YingKe. At this point, YingKe has become “the first law firm in the world with more than 10000 individual lawyers”, which is another important milestone in the history of its development. 83 law firms across the country jointly watched the live broadcast of the celebration, with more than 10508 people online and 12937 times of praise.

Host: Liu Guiming, editor in chief of democracy and legal system of China Law Society

Liu Guiming said that the breakthrough of 10 000 lawyers is a milestone in the development history of Yingke. He believes that the people of Yingke will take this as a new starting point and continue to struggle to build Yingke into a leading law firm in the world.

Speaker: Yang Guang, President of Chaoyang District Lawyers Association of Beijing

Yang Guang said that Yingke’s large-scale construction and high-quality development fit in with the development form of the lawyer industry. He once again congratulated Yingke on its breakthrough of 10,000 lawyers in China and wished the future development of Yingke more and more splendid.

Speaker : Mo Jihong, director of the Institute of international law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Mo Jihong said that YINGKE’s breakthrough of 10000 lawyers is the pride of Chinese lawyers. YINGKE has created the number one in the world and achieved the first in the number of lawyers. We hope that YINGKE will continue to make unremitting efforts to build a leading law firm in the world with the goal of high-quality development.

Speaker : Wang Xiangwei, party secretary and President of the CPPCC newspaper

Wang Xiangwei congratulated Yingke Law Firm on its breakthrough of 10000 lawyers, becoming the first law firm in the world with more than 10000 individual lawyers. Then he talked about the strategic cooperation with Yingke Law Firm, hoping to give full play to their respective advantages, work together to promote the construction of a harmonious society, and contribute to the development of China’s rule of law.

Speaker: Mei Xiangrong, founding partner, director and director of global board of directors of Yingke Law Firm

Mei Xiangrong said that Yingke’s breakthrough of 10000 lawyers is worthy of celebration. In the future, YingKe will step into a new stage of development. With the goal of becoming one of the new benchmarks in Chinese lawyer industry, it will make unremitting efforts for Chinese lawyers, a country ruled by law, and socialist modernization, so as to build a bright future for YingKe.

Under the witness of all, the guests and the 10000 lawyer representative of Yingke Law Firm jointly launched the ceremony of the breakthrough of Yingke’s 10000 lawyers in China, recording another important moment in the development history of Yingke.

As the 10000 representatives of YingKe, five lawyers told their stories. In the future, they will join hands with Yingke and grow together.

Speaker: Hao Xiufeng, partner of YingkeK international headquarters and director of YingKe Changzhou Management Committee

On September 21, 2020, the Ministry of Justice announced the list of national excellent law firms and national outstanding lawyers (publicity), and five lawyers of Yingke were respectively awarded the title of “national excellent lawyers”. Hao Xiufeng said it was a great honor to witness the ceremony. After that, she shared the changes after joining YINGKE. She realized self-development in YINGKE and hoped to continue to make common progress with YINGKE in the future.

Spokesperson: Ding Zhijian, director of the board of directors of Yingke China and director of Yingke Yiwu Management Committee

Ding Zhijian said that he was very happy to be a member of the board of directors of YINGKE China. After joining the big family of YINGKE, many changes have taken place in itself. At the same time, he has witnessed the development and growth of YINGKE and will grow together with YINGKE in the future.

Spoker: Director of the board of supervisors of YingKe, Hu Zhongyi, director of publicity and Publication Work Committee.

Hu Zhongyi shares his indissoluble bond with Yingke. He said that YINGKE is a big platform where it can quickly improve itself, build more cooperation, provide more services for clients, show the personal charm of lawyers, provide development, and provide better lifestyle for lawyers. Finally, he welcomed lawyers from all over the country to join YINGKE and move forward with YINGKE.

Yingke international partners and international partners have also recorded a video “Yingke family around the world” to send their best wishes to this celebration.

Spoker: Yang Lin, founder partner, global partner and executive director of the global board of directors

Yang Lin introduced that the development of YINGKE was very fast, and the branch of law was established in 83 countries. Since its establishment, YingKe International and domestic joint development, has achieved a scale of 10000 today. In the future, YINGKE will continue to create better global resources for everyone, and continue to promote the construction of YINGKE platform to provide more professional, quality and efficient legal services.

Spoker: Lara Boursier, partner of Simon associates, a French member of YingKe Global Legal Services Network

Lara Boursier also came to the ceremony to give her best wishes and congratulations on this historic moment, witnessing the number of Chinese lawyers of Yingke surpassing 10000.

Spoker: Li Zheng, director of the board of directors and executive director of China

Li Zheng released the lawyer talent introduction policy of YINGKE China in 2020. We hope that in the future more excellent lawyers can join YINGKE and work together to provide customers with high-quality and high-end special legal services. Finally, I would like to thank every member for their efforts and efforts to build a leading law firm.

The signing ceremony of cooperation between the CPPCC website and Yingke Law Firm was held. Zhang Baochuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy editor in chief of the CPPCC newspaper office, and Mei Xiangrong, founding partner, director and director of the global board of directors of Yingke Law Firm, signed the contract as representatives. This time, the two sides reached a cooperation agreement to tamp the foundation for the development of the legal industry and the legal construction of the society. In the future, YINGKE will join hands with the CPPCC website to promote the process of China’s rule of law.

Summary speaker: Hao Huizhen, founding partner, honorary director and party secretary of Yingke Law Firm

At the end of the ceremony, Hao Huizhen summed up the ceremony. She said that the development of Yingke from the first lawyer to 10000 lawyers today is not only the development history of a law firm, the development history of an industry, but also the inheritance of a generation. At present, Chinese lawyers are facing unprecedented development opportunities. We should seize the opportunities to realize the sustainable development of lawyers and law firms, and contribute our strength to the construction of the rule of law in China.

Yingke is a large and diversified family. People of Yingke met here and gathered together to dream in the name of struggle. They bravely forge ahead, live up to their youth and never forget their original intention. They will grow together with Yingke on the journey forward! Yingke does not stick to the present and does not stop at the future. Yingke people will join hands to meet new opportunities and challenges with a new attitude and stride forward towards the goal of high-quality development! Yingke is also looking forward to more excellent lawyers. YingKe will shoulder the mission of legal person and jointly write a new chapter in the construction of the rule of law.

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