Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea is one of the first batch of overseas branches that adopt “direct investment and direct management” after Beijing Yingke Law Firm proposed to establish “global one-hour legal service circle”.
Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea was established on November 15, 2019. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the ROK in 1992, with the joint efforts of both sides, bilateral economic and trade relations have witnessed sustained and rapid development, forming an all-dimensional, multilevel and wide-ranging cooperation. In accordance with the official data in 2018, China is ROK’s largest trading partner and largest import and export market, while ROK is China’s third largest trading partner. China and ROK enjoy outstanding complementary advantages and huge growth and development potential in economic and trade cooperation. Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea is committed to providing high-quality legal services for the economic and trade exchanges between China and ROK.
Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea has one Chinese lawyer, four assistant lawyers and one administrative assistant, and plans to increase the number of employees to about ten within three years. All staff are proficient in Chinese and Korean and have a deep understanding of Chinese and Korean culture. The managing partner, Zhu Cuiying worked in LEE&KO, one of the top three law firms in ROK. She has maintained cooperative relationship with many law firms in ROK, and has kept in mind the expertise of every law firm in ROK. She can match the most suitable and best-quality legal services in ROK in accordance with the clients’ requirements and the type of services, and can also assist Yingke domestic branches and overseas network to communicate with law firms in ROK.
As a branch of the Chinese law firm that obtained the license for practicing and was put on records in the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China, Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea will rely on the resource advantage of Yingke Law Firm, strengthen the cooperation with Yingke senior lawyers in every expertise and lawyers from worldwide branches, and provide the most efficient, the best quality and the most convenient Chinese legal services in accordance with the requirements of clients from China and ROK. Yingke Law LLC in the Republic of Korea will adhere to the large-scale, specialized, branding and international development concepts and rely on the strong advantages of international resources and group-oriented development to provide clients with high-quality and efficient global one-stop financial, commercial and legal services.