Yingke Israel – Eyal Khayat, Zolty, Neiger & Co., (“YingkeIsrael“) was established in 2013, following a merger between Yingke and Eyal Khayat, Zolty, Neiger & Co., Law Offices (“EKZN”), an Israeli boutique law firm specializing in corporate law, venture capital, high-tech and biotech companies, and governmental entities, administrative law and general commercial law.

Yingke-Israel represents private and publicly traded companies, governmental ministries, governmental companies and other leading entities. Yingle- Israel has also handled many cross-border investments, mergers, IPOs, and M&As.

Since its establishment, in 2001, EKZN has been repeatedly recognized and endorsed by international and domestic legal directories such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, Dun’s 100 and BDI-coface.


Area of Expertise

  • High-tech
  • Start-ups
  • Venture Capital
  • Commercial
  • Corporate/M&A


Key Experience

YINGKE-EKZN, together with the Skadden US law firm, advised Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (“Foamix“) with regard to its IPO and secondary offering on the NASDAQ exchange, conducted in September 2014 and April 2015 (respectively).

YINGKE-EKZN (with the involvement of the Yingke Beijing office) represented the Tel Aviv University in the establishment of the “XIN” innovative research and development center, to be operated by the Tel Aviv University and the Tsinghua University (with a budget of US$ 300 million).(project completed by January 2015)

YINGKE-EKZN (in cooperation with an additional Israeli law firm) is representing Loyal Bank (a European bank) in the sale of its controlling interest in an Israeli publicly traded construction and land development Company, as part of the collection of a € 20 million debt, secured by such shres.

YINGKE-EKZN is currently advising the Ashdod Port Company Ltd. (a governmental company operating Israel’s second largest sea-port) in connection with the IPO/privatization of such company.

YINGKE-EKZN advised (together with another Israeli law firm) advised N-trig Ltd., in connection with its IPO in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (the IPO has not been consummated).

YINGKE-EKZN advised (together with another Israeli law firm) N-Trig Inc. in its asset sale transaction with Microsoft.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a major US IT Company in its investment in an Israeli cyber start-up.

YINGKE-EKZN represented an Israeli start-up in a merger/acquisition transaction.

YINGKE-EKZN represented IOSight Ltd. in several agreements it has entered into with American Water Works Company, Inc., pertaining to cooperation in connection with a joint project sponsored by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (“BIRD”).

YINGKE-EKZN represented an Israeli start-up in a follow-up round.

YINGKE-EKZN represented an Israeli start-up in a round of investment.

YINGKE-EKZN is currently representing a US IT company in a convertible loan transaction with an Israeli start-up).

YINGKE-EKZN is currently representing an Israeli start-up in a follow-up round.

YINGKE-EKZN represented Ministry of transportation in transaction for the establishment and maintenance of transportation smart cards clearing-house Yingke-Israel represented NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. in several major tender offers, forming part of the construction of the underground transportation system in the Greater Tel-Aviv area.

YINGKE-EKZN represented N-trig Inc.,a well-established leading company, manufacturing digitizers and touch-screens for computers and tablets, in a round of finance.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a publicly traded company in a US$ 100 million merger transaction 。

YINGKE-EKZN represented Vishay Advanced Technologies Ltd., an Israeli company and indirect subsidiary of Vishay Precision Group, Inc., in a financing transaction with HSBC Bank Plc, in an aggregate principal。

YINGKE-EKZN represented a private investor in a mezzanine investment in an Israeli company.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a co-lead investor in a mezzanine investment round in an Israeli company.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a lead investor in a Series A investment round in an Israeli company

YINGKE-EKZN represented a holding company in a sale of its holdings in two portfolio companies.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a private investor in a seed investment in an Israeli start-up company.

YINGKE-EKZN represented a ForEx company in a round of investment.

YINGKE-EKZN represented an Israeli client in an IP acquisition.

Key Members


Eyal Khayat has begun his legal career in 1988 at the Haim Zadok law firm where he worked for almost 5 years, very closely with the late Mr. Haim Zadok, the legendary Minister of Justice of the State of Israel. Prior to the establishment of EKZN, Eyal Khayat’s last position was the partner in charge of the high-tech department of another reputable Israeli law firm. Eyal Khayat has been dealing with high-tech and venture capital transactions from the very early days of the bloom of the venture capital investments in Israel (the early 90s). Through the years, Eyal Khayat has achieved a prominent position in the high-tech industry, and he is a well-recognized and respected practitioner, deal-maker and business developer, whose contribution extends beyond mere legal advice. The 2013 edition of the Legal 500 directory portrayed Eyal Khayat as: “very proactive and creative” and as having “established an impressive reputation in the market”.




Amir Zolty has an impressive record in the public field. Immediately prior to the establishment of EKZN, Amir Zolty served as a registrar of the Supreme Court of Israel and as the senior legal assistant to the president of the Israeli Supreme Court, Professor Aharon Barak, and before that – as the senior legal assistant to the attorney general of the state of Israel. It should also be noted that Amir Zolty has also worked as an associate in Herzog Fox Neeman prior to his career in the civil service. Amir Zolty (who received his LL.B. Magna Cum Laude from Tel-Aviv University in Israel) received his LL.M. degree from Yale law school. Amir Zolty lectured in the Buchmann Faculty of Law, in Tel Aviv University and thereafter he joined the Board of Trustees of the Buchmann Faculty of Law. Recently Amir Zolty participates, as a panel member and a country reporter in various activities and publications of the IBA (in the fields of corporate and M&A, high tech and venture capital). Since the establishment of EKZN, Amir Zolty was extensively engaged in high-tech and biotech/pharmaceutical transactions, and is also representing a considerable number of private and public high-tech and biotech companies. Amir Zolty has been ranked by the Legal 500 directory as one of the leading individuals, for three years in a row (2011-2013) as one of the leading Israeli practitioners in the field of High-tech, start-ups and Venture Capital.




Eyal Neiger is an experienced commercial lawyer, focusing on governmental entities, capital markets and communication law. Eyal Neiger, who is both a lawyer and a CPA, received his LL.B. from Bar Ilan University and his B.A (in Economics and Accounting) from the Hebrew university. Eyal Neiger was an associate in the law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman, and later on served, for several years, as the deputy legal counsel of Bezeq, the Israeli Telecommunication Corp. (Israel’s national telecommunications provider), as a director and chairman of the Audit Committee of Pelephone Communications Ltd., the first Israeli cellular operator and also as a director in BezeqCall Communications Ltd. And in “Karnit” – Accident Victims Compensation Fund.

Eyal Neiger is the founder and editor-in-chief of “Taagidim” (Corporations) – the reputable law journal dedicated to corporate law, securities law and anti-trust law.

In 2007 Eyal Neiger co-founded the Israeli Institute for Corporate Governance (the “IICG“), recognizing the growing awareness to this issue. The IICG has quickly gained public (both academic and practical) standing and recognition and Eyal Neiger has become a frequent speaker in conferences and seminaries in this regard.

Eyal Neiger (who was recommended by the 2013 edition of the Legal 500 directors for his commercial advice, practically in the telecoms sector) was recently recognized as an expert lawyer in capital markets, and in such capacity was appointed by the Israeli Minister of Justice as one of the six members of the Israeli SEC Administrative Enforcement Committee.