Yingke Law LLC in Germany is in the form of limited liability company established based on the law of Germany and is also one of the most important member law firms of Yingke global legal services network in Europe. In March 2021, Yingke Law LLC in Germany officially initiated the overall procedures for establishment. Partners are composed of experienced Chinese lawyers of Yingke Law Firm, German local lawyers and ethnic Chinese lawyers with both Chinese and German certifications. The office of the headquarter is located at the Kings Road at the centre of Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the future, branches of Yingke Law LLC in Germany will be in every major German city, such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, etc. Yingke Law LLC in Germany is a young law firm. Partners and lawyers are composed of young and experienced lawyers, including Chinese lawyers of Yingke Law Firm who can use German and English as working languages and German local lawyers who can use Chinese as working language. They can switch between three languages, Chinese, German and English. In the future, German lawyers with native languages of Japanese, Turkish and other languages will join the law firm.
The expertise of Yingke Law LLC in Germany mainly includes: commercial law, company law, civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property law, tax law, anti-monopoly and anti-dumping litigation, international commercial litigation and arbitration, labor law, bankruptcy law, criminal defense, bank law and capital market law, overseas investment, merger and acquisition, etc.

On September 23, 2015 Yingke Law Firm held its Yingke German office and Yingke Koehler China Center Grand Opening and reception banquet in Berlin. Yingke German office operates through exclusive cooperation between Yingke and Dr. Köhler and Partner Law Firm.

Dr. Köhler and Partner is a law firm with a team highly specialized and experienced lawyers, notaries, tax consultants as well as accountant. We advise and provide support in all German as well as cross-border legal matters to entities, entrepreneur or private individual.

On the subject of German law, we counsel in all legal, cooperate, commercial and tax matters. Furthermore, we provide you with innovative practical solutions, that we not only develop and explore together, but that we also implement together. In this aspect, we differ from other law firms.

Besides outstanding legal qualifications our colleagues have great experience about practical experience in commercial enterprises, supervisory board, administrations and parliaments. Our lawyers, notaries, tax consultants as well as our accountant are supported by our highly motivated colleagues with best level of education, who have been working successfully together for a long period of time. Academic exercises and theoretical programs are not part of our legal practice. In this aspect, we differ from other law firms.

We avoid expensive litigation scenarios. But when they are inevitable, we enforce your interest powerfully in the court room.
Our performance spectrum is rounded out with our notary service. Our notary’s offices give legal counseling in property, company and family matters. The notary’s offices can be characterized by its quickness as well as its efficiency.

Area of Expertise

Within our performance spectrum we put our focus on the following fields of law:

  • Corporate Law
  • M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Due Diligence
  • Legal Reorganisation and Insolvency Law
  • Company Succession
  • Inheritance Law
  • Family Law
  • Property Law & Real Estate Management
  • Tax Law
  • Contract Law
  • Procedural Law

Key Experience

Transportation (Valued 60~450 Mio €))

  • Producer of spare parts
  • Regional automotive dealer for Porsche cars (no. 1)
  • Component supplier for Volkswagen
  • Producer for railway trains and components
  • Producer for trailer coaches
  • Manufacture for automotive wiring harness

Technology (Valued 12~110 Mio €)

  • market leader in pump manufacturing for building services
  • hydraulic power units machine building company for textile
  • engineering company for water supply and distribution
  • company for ventilation and refrigeration engineering
  • manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers
  • engineering company for naval architecture
  • Printing industry

Commodities (Valued 15~180 Mio €)

  • Many companies for food (noodle, coffee, spirits, soaps),
  • Slaughterhouse
  • dairy products
  • manufacture for tooth- and other brushes (No. 1 in Germany)
  • manufacture for cloth-hanger
  • manufacture for consumer plastics Producer of spare parts

Finance Services (Valued around 220 Mio €)

  • Asset management
  • Fusion of two banks in Germany
  • Fusion of insurance broker

Government and Public Sector Services (Valued 220~750 Mio €)

  • Public services for electricity
  • Restructuring of public health care (life-saving service)
  • Water supply companies
  • Restructuring of German public hospitals

Life Science: Bio-technology, Medical Techniques and Pharmaceuticals incl. (Valued 12~280 Mio €)

  • Drug rapid tests (German company owned by French company with production site in China)
  • Producer of cardiac valves
  • Producer for catalytic converter for chemical processes
  • Bio Tec companies
  • Producer for cosmetics (lipsticks, mascara, antiperspirants)
  • Market leader of OTC-medicine

Media & Entertainment (Valued around 150 Mio €)

  • German radio stations
  • Event organizer
  • Advertising agency
  • TV channels
  • Film studios

Mining & Metallurgy (Valued around 450 Mio €)

  • Foundry plant
  • Producer of copper anodes
  • Copper secondary melting

Energy & Application (Valued around 250 Mio €)

  • Bio power station with renewable raw materials (wood);
  • Wind energy plants;
  • Green energy

Real Estate, Restaurant & Architecture (Valued 20~100 Mio € & 150 Mio~950 Mio €)

  • Restructuring of housing companies
  • Restructuring / fusion of department stores
  • Construction companies

Telecommunication (Valued around 750 Mio €)

  • Founding and development of the first German mobile provider, including IPO
  • Service provider
  • Technical support company
  • Movie streaming company (start-up)

Key Members

Andreas Köhler (DR.)

  • Studied at universities in Cologne, Geneva, Berlin
  • Doctorate in law – Dr. jur.- (1984)
  • Admitted to the bar in 1985
  • Tax consultant since 1989
  • Positions in trade and industry (1989 – 1995)
  • Member of the Berlin House of Representatives
  • Managing partner in KFDS Treuhand Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH (tax consultants and auditors)
  • Member of the executive board of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin (Berlin Bar Association)
  • Executive member of the board of the Berlin-Brandenburg branch of the UNA – United Nations Association of Germany
  • Chief Executive Officer since September 2015 of YKCC China Center
  • Jianzhi Jiaoshou (außerordentlicher Professor) of the Beihang University, Beijing, China (since October 2015)
  • Correspondence languages: English, German, French
  • Principal areas of work: Fiscal law, Company and partnership law, Real estate law

Andreas Köhler (DR.)


  • Studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Münich
  • Admitted to the bar in 1996
  • Doctorate in law – Dr. jur.-
  • Negotiation of company sales at a public holding (1991 – 1997)
  • Correspondence languages: English, German
  • Principal areas of work:Mergers and Acquisitions, Trade law, Corporate law, Corporate and asset succession, Business/company restructuring



  • Mrs. Anika Waltasaari studied law at the University of Cologne. She successfully completed her legal clerkship at the superior Court of Justice of Berlin and admitted to the bar in 2004. In 2006 she received her MBA from the Berlin School of Economics.
  • Mrs Anika Waltasaari gained first working experiences in an auditing company in Berlin. Since 2004 she was working as a self employed lawyer until she joined Dr. Köhler und Partner in 2015.
  • Mrs. Anika Waltasaari has excellent knowledge in German Building Law, Tenancy Law and General Civil Law.
  • Correspondence languages: English, German.



  • Mrs. Yun Zhang studied law at the Universities of Changsha, Peking (China), Cologne and Berlin (Germany). She gained the qualification to work as a lawyer in China in 2007 and received her LL.M. from the CUPL (China University of Political Science and Law) and University of Cologne.
  • Mrs Yun Zhang lives in Germany since 2009 in various cities (2009-2011 Cologne and Munich, since then in Berlin). She worked in famous international law-firms in Munich and Berlin respectively.
  • Mrs. Yun Zhang has excellent knowledge in German business law, M&A, and Real Estate in Germany
  • Correspondence languages: Chinese, German, English



  • Mr. Yanhu Wang studied Chinese and German law from 2005 in the German-Chinese Institute of law in Nanjing, and 2007 he passed the judicial examination and obtained the qualification of lawyer in China. In the same year he went to Germany with DAAD Scholarship to pursue further education of German law in Göttingen University. Respectively he received the master’s degrees of law from Nanjing University and University of Gottingen. From Sept. 2009 to March 2015 Mr. Wang worked for his doctoral degree of law in the Free University of Berlin under the tutelage of Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Säcker, who is an academic authority of German law, and completed his doctorate with excellent results.
  • Mr. Yanhu Wang has intimate knowledge of German company law, competition law, regulation law and real estate law. In the last eight years in Germany he has worked part-time in the trading companies and law firm and also participated in some cooperation projects between China and Germany.
  • Correspondence languages: Chinese, German, English