Yingke (Cambodia) Consulting Co., Ltd. is a branch of Yingke Law Firm. Yingke Law Firm is headquartered in Beijing, having 93 branches in China and partner law firms all over the world, including USA, UK, Germany, France, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Clients of Yingke Cambodia include not only industry giants and multinational companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises, government institutes and various business associations. Yingke has unparalleled advantages in cross-border direct investment services, which is ascribed to its global service network, extremely extensive domestic and foreign client resources, as well as Yingke’s highly internationalized professional teams.

Empowered by Yingke Law Firm – the largest law firm in Asia Pacific, Yingke Cambodia has been successfully assisting multinational companies’ overseas investment into Cambodia with “one-stop-all-round” services, covering global legal services, research and evaluation, market entry, company formation, capital outflow, investment structure, global labor dispatching, payroll outsourcing, cross-border finance and taxation, and offshore operations.

Area of Expertise

Services for Cambodian Advisory, Commercial, and Taxation Issues:

  • Cambodia Investment Advisory Service
  • Cambodia Property and Real Estate Legal Consulting Service
  • Application for QIP
  • Cambodia Production & Manufacturing Project Service
  • Cambodia Company Registration
  • Cambodia Food and Cosmetics Registration
  • Intellectual Property Registration Service
  • Cambodia Labor Consulting Service
  • Cambodia Financial Advisory Service
  • Due Diligence for Investment in Cambodia
  • Bookkeeping and Tax Filling Service
  • Cambodia Tax Advisory Service
  • Cambodia Auditing Service
  • Dispute Settlement Advisory Service
  • Cambodia Business Visa and Work Permit
  • Cambodia Recruitment and Labor Outsourcing

Key Members

Harvey Wang

Master degree in civil and commercial law, East China University of Political Science and Law Chinese nationality. He had a working experience as the presiding judge of civil and commercial affairs in the Chinese People’s Court and tried about 3,000 cases of various types. He has also provided nearly 100 legal training lectures for major stated-owned enterprises and central enterprises and trained tens of thousands of people. Some of his cases have been reported by Legal Report program in CCTV.

Specialized in: Construction, real estate and property law, Labor law.

Harvey Wang

CEO of Yingke Cambodia